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Devon Rexi - Biya Ba Man 12" EP

Devon Rexi - Biya Ba Man 12" EP

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Devon Rexi return with Mini-LP “Biya Ba Man”, a new and improved take on the no wave steppers and post punk grooves of their debut “Tambal EP”.

The five track Mini-LP sees the band expand to a quintet, with originators Nic Mauskovic (drums and vocals) and Nushin Naini (bass and vocals) joined by Tobias Jansen on turntables and production, Lyckle de Jong on synths and effects and Goya van der Heyden on percussion.

The extra players collaborate to send Devon Rexi’s sound in new directions, amplifying the already extra-dimensional vibe. Synths and vinyl manipulation render a trip hop vibe to the post punk brew, reminding of zoned-out jams like Maxinquaye, or those heady early Mo’Wax.

Opening track “Sjikamo” sets the tone at a deconstructed hip hop tempo, samples spliced up like a classic Celluloid album. “Fargh Nimikoone” ups the pace with a funky 135 bpm lean, and Nushin’s harmonized vocal sounding ever more alien over the conga rhythm. “Marde Pir” closes the first side at another beatdown tempo, the drums flexing like factory pistons.

The B side fires up with “Biya Ba Man Biya” - a proper steppers bounce, Nushin’s farsi singalong chorus is as catchy as it’s ever been. The Mini-LP concludes with “Koja Raftan” bringing plenty of Bomb Squad energy, crescendoing in fine maximal percussive style.

It’s no wave, but not as we know it. With new members bringing effects and collage elements to the spacious minimal wave core, there’s plenty of avenues for future formations of Devon Rexi to explore.

- Liner Notes by Fizzy Veins

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