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Delroy Edwards - Change the World LP

Delroy Edwards - Change the World LP

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Proper, tracky, Chi-style budgers from the badboy Delroy Edwards, back to his vintage tricks on spiritual home L.A. Club Resource. 

The jakbeat is strong on this one, laid down direct and cruddy in the best sense with drum machines and  synths toiled into driving grooves that sound like they could have emerged during the mid ‘80s early years of house. Covering the spectrum of jakbeat flavours, he crosses from the title tune’s sultry swerve to hypnotic bass goop in ‘Put That’, cruising from the rude Adonis like keys of ‘Bring The House’ to a smart glimmer of FM synthesis smeared into ‘How’d You Do That’, and some Faces drums-style machine tickets on ‘Don’t Ya Know’, saving the punchiest tackle for the percolated funk and honk of ’Sweet Geese’, and dope nods to Gene Hunt on ‘House Blitz.’ 

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