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Dave Saved - Passing Images LP

Dave Saved - Passing Images LP

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Brand new LP from Italian producer Dave Saved which follows on from previous releases on YOUTH and Gang of Ducks.

Tip for fans of early Hype Williams and the sample heavy house cuts on Apron.


Dave Saved makes his debut release on studio 33 with Passing Images, an entrancing suite of hazy dance floor mementos, infused with a characteristic chopped and screwed soul.

As if heard through the dusty circuits of an android's dying memory drive, replaying songs picked up during its lifetime and mixing them into elegiac reveries in a final flashback of its existence, the sound is glowing with a patina hued warmth that feels uncannily familiar.

It's a considerably more dance oriented work than Dave's previous output but with a distinctly textural approach to the composition as well. The result is a densely vaporous sublimation of pure emotion.
All refracted through an almost ghostly view of dance music's potentially hypnagogic effect, by way of repetitive progression and dreamy abstraction.

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