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Daughters & Sons - Detroit Stories 12"

Daughters & Sons - Detroit Stories 12"

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"Detroit Stories" is the name of this cool social project happening in Motorcity, USA, aka Detroit. Check it out at @detroit-stories. It's a rad way to capture and show off the history and present of the city and its peeps. They're doing it by interviewing OG residents and immigrants from way back, the ones who lived through all the ups and downs of the Motor City. You've got stories of good times, hard work, opportunities, but also struggles, violence, and social movements that shaped Detroit's rise and slow fall. This city's always had a lot to offer in terms of music, culture, and beyond.

And guess what? DJ and producer Luca Fronza gets in on the action, finding some of those interview podcasts. He's turning their stories, the vocals, and speeches into some killer beats, with the distinctive motorcity raw house touch that we absolutely love here at Flexi. And to top it off, you've got a remix by the master himself, Prins Thomas! It's gonna be lit!

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