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A mysterious musical outfit said to be consisting of two Swedes with affinity for frog-esque sounds and post-trance aesthetics makes out what is CYSP.
 CYSP is also an acronym of CYbernetic SPatiodynamic, aka the first spatio-dynamic sculpture, having total autonomy of movement as well as axial and eccentric rotation. The sculpture is celebrated as an early work of cybernetic character that made it into the world of art. Now how do these two phenomena relate to each other? I have no clue..

This sounds like it could have been crafted in an eerie barn in the remote countryside, serving as a never-released soundtrack to an occult underground 90's film about urban trolls - it also sounds like it could be glued-together cassette scraps laying around Richard H Kirk's studio.

Laden with an almost grotesque amount of soundscaping, synthesized quirks and sonic riddles that would positively provoke any attentive listener (dancer?), it’s still weirdly danceable in the most head banging sense of the word. While pulling from the past - and meta-versically - the past’s image of the future, this is highly contemporary music - smart and stupid, deep and shallow - physical and cybernetic.

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