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cv313 – Seconds To Forever [Deepchord + Intrusion Mixes] 12"

cv313 – Seconds To Forever [Deepchord + Intrusion Mixes] 12"

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A1 - Seconds To Forever (Intrusion Dub)
        Remix – Intrusion
A2 - Seconds To Forever (Deepchord Mix I)
         Remix – Deepchord
B - Seconds To Forever (Deepchord Mix II)
       Remix – Deepchord

Nearly 10 years out of print, recut and remastered from the analogue tape masters from Alchemy's pristine mastering work; focusing and enriching every finite detail into pure analogue bliss! This remastered edition features epic reworks of cv313's now classic, "Seconds To Forever" released back in 2010. The first track is a reshape by intrusion, dubbed out live in the mix from the original 8 channel analogue tapes as to summon the spirit of King Tubby. There's also two beautiful remixes from the brilliant Rod Modell (DeepChord). Those touched by his recent output will have a lot to love here. Gorgeous plumes of sound envelope the listener into near hypnosis, subdiving deeper than even the original work could. Sublime and beyond gravity, another exquisite excursion transmitting from the other side of the galaxy. Pressed onto 150 gram crystal virgin blue wax.

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