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cv313 - Infinit-1 12"

cv313 - Infinit-1 12"

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A1  Infinit-1 (Original)  6:04
A2  Infinit-1 (Remodel)  6:14
B  Infinit-1 (STL Remix)  11:03

Nearly 15 years have passed since the original release with all tracks lovingly remastered for this new remastered edition; which also includes STL's first ever remix and sounds just as beautiful as the day we first heard it! As Bleep so elegantly stated, "Deep, reduced dub-techno with ethereal production nuances from Stephen Hitchell and Rod Modell. Both original tracks here reveal the duo's obsession with the likes of Maurizio, Basic Channel and Chain Reaction. Features a dreamy, minimal house reduction from STL. 

Lovingly remastered and mixed down from the original analog 1/4" reel to reel tape, strictly limited to 300 copies for the world.

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