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Carrier - Neither Curve Nor Edge 12"

Carrier - Neither Curve Nor Edge 12"

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Carrier is the new project from Guy Brewer, the producer behind projects like Shifted, Covered in Sand and Alexander Lewis. Brewer has been responsible for some of the most confrontational dancefloor music of the past decade. Never one to linger though, he returns with a new sound, a new ethos and a new gamut of feeling and colour.

Throughout his career, Brewer has ducked and dived through the tangled web of classification, often unexpected yet always evasive. He is at his most deadly though at the inception of a new project. A futurist at heart, in the traditional sense, he relishes new beginnings.

The first release in an eponymous series under his new guise is his sharpest to date. Widescreen, immersive, driven by a new gait and less bloody-minded in his timing, he appears more at home and also more adventurous in his new garb. Across four gothic, stepping patterns he states his intent to explore the electronic music axis not as it was, but as it is.

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