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Buttechno - Solstice Peaks 12"

Buttechno - Solstice Peaks 12"

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Pavel Milyakov, AKA Buttechno, coming through with the kind of impeccably-produced, trance-inducing deftness we've come to expect.

A kindred spirit of the Oyster Cult, this is a union long overdue. While he’s often found working in horizontal zones, inhabiting the intersection between ambient and downtempo, these are dancefloor dynamics for pure contemplation. Gone is the amorphous abstraction of releases like ‘PSY X’ and the kind output reserved for release under his birth name, instead opting for a lean, hypnotic kind of minimalism.

‘OYSTER57’ picks up where the ‘Inorganic Demons’ LP and aptly-titled ‘Minimal Cuts’ series left off. Saying that, the first three tracks navigate territory gloomier than the aforementioned; uneasy at times but deeply engrossing, smudged and frayed into heads-down interzones of tunnelling throb and icy melodic flourish. Girder-strength pressure primed for metaphysical experience.

Then, like a vestige of the finest turn-of-the-century progressive trance, ’bleeps’ ends proceedings on a slight departure. A showcase of restraint from the Berlin-based maestro and a fitting way to close.

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