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Brian d'Souza / Or:La - Mycorrhizal Fungi LP

Brian d'Souza / Or:La - Mycorrhizal Fungi LP

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Brian d’Souza (fka Auntie Flo) teams up with in-demand producer/DJ Or:la, harpist Róisín Berkeley and celebrated artist Jana Nicole for a release celebrating the humble mushroom. Originally commissioned for the Hayes Mycelium Pavilion at Glastonbury Festival 2023, these two pieces represent the artist homage to the unique power of connection within nature - the mychorrizal network that humans could do well from learning from. d’Souza’s piece uses a process of biosonification, picking up electrical impulses from four different mushroom species (Oyster, Reishi, Lion’s Mane and Shiitake) and turning them into musical notes. The 18 min piece is a literal ecological sound walk into the mind of the mushroom.

Irish producer/ DJ Orlagh Dooley aka Or:la debuts with her piece created in collaboration with harpist Róisín Berkeley. Glacial textures and delicious harp glissandos form a mushroom habitat that exists in peace and harmony. The bespoke art work was created by multi-award winning artist Jana Nicole, who used a combination of collage, digital photography and manipulation to put together an art piece that resembles the depth and beauty of the mushroom and its mycelium. The limited edition vinyl will include a scratch and sniff smell component and incorporate UV paint that will only show up in dark light, revealing a different perspective as mushrooms do in the wilds.

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