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Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Beverly Glenn-Copeland LP

Beverly Glenn-Copeland - Beverly Glenn-Copeland LP

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Beverly Glenn-Copeland debut is a folky jazz record that stands out for Beverly’s sublime high vocals. The 11 tracks where recorded with an all-star band consisting of Dough Bush, Don Thompson, Terry Clark, Lenny Breau, Jeremy Steig and Doug Riley. The latter also produced the record. Years later he would release ‘Keyboard Fantasies (1986)’ which is a mixture of digital new age and early expirimental Detroit techno. It shows the versatility of his very underrated talent. About this new release he says the following:

“In 1970 when I wrote and recorded these songs, I could not have imagined that forty-seven years later this work would have another life, another audience. But here you are. Thank you for buying this album. Many of the extraordinary musicians that played on this album are no longer in this space/time. So I thank you on their behalf as well.”

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