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Bene Gesserit - Best Of LP

Bene Gesserit - Best Of LP

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Underground prominent figures of the Belgian 80's scene, Alain Neffe and Nadine Bal have released and produced dozens of tapes under different monikers.
Bene Gesserit is probably their most famous and iconic one due to its multiple facets.

Originally a tape released in 1981 on their own Insane Music label, "Best Of" encaptures all the DIY and creative freedom of the band.
From the yagé vapors of "Erg Habbiana" to synth madness of "Gloria"  or "Gppm" this album summarizes the full spectrum of their ethos:Insane music without borders.

This reissue additionally includes four unreleased tracks from Alain Neffe vault.

Remastered by Krikor Kouchain and limited to 300 copies.

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