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Barnt / Michael Mayer - Speicher 125 - 12"

Barnt / Michael Mayer - Speicher 125 - 12"

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Speicher 125 is a most auspicious collaboration between two great, inimitable voices in techno: Kompakt co-founder Michael Mayer, and Magazine’s own Barnt. They’ve both been productive of late, Mayer with his “Brainwave Technology” EP in 2021, Barnt with his first release on Kompakt, "ProMetal Fan Decor Only Product" in 2022. Of course, they’re also busy with their respective record labels, and international DJing schedules.

You may already have heard their first track, which appeared on Michael’s "&" album from 2014, the psychedelic “Und Da Stehen Fremde Menschen”. For Speicher, though, they set their sights firmly on the peak time dance floor – the result is two stunning cuts of techno euphoria.

On “Teller” Barnt and Mayer unleash a synth storm, tense and thrilling. Percussion piles up against the incessant buzz, but before too long we’re submerged in waves of dense texturology, making the track an object lesson in tension and release. “Duration” is a bittersweet anthem about "life long love". A moving voice tells us about "faith in life" while gleaming, synths, choral swarms and snares shower down from above to form an epic tale about duration and devotion.

Weirding the groove and updating the emotions, Speicher 125 is a monster.

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