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Allpa Puruma - Abya Yala 12"

Allpa Puruma - Abya Yala 12"

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Allpa Puruma is a staple within the Latin American techno scene. This EP is nothing but incendiary hurricane whirlwind tracks…speckled with samples from the junglescape, full of minimal hardgroove velocity, but this ain’t no revival baby…this is the next chapter!

In short: Four dancefloor bombshells by a rising South American techno wizard. Tough tools to recalibrate your mind and ass to access the euphoria you need to set yourself free.


“Abya Yala is weapon's grade. So sick.” - Alien D

“this is so good! immediately in the DJ cue…” - 2Lanes

300 copies pressed worldwide. Don’t sleep on these grooves. 

Fixed Rhythms FRS023

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