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2Lanes - Sid Ranger Redux 12"

2Lanes - Sid Ranger Redux 12"

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Detroit's own party rockin hard groove cowboy, 2Lanes, brings us the Sid Ranger Redux EP delivering a heavy mix of tribal and dub percussions layered with hypnotically eerie chants and sweeping synths. 2Lanes closes out the EP with a dear friend, Jonathan Aylward, and his expansive stand-up bass licks. The result is a mind-bending, smoked-out psychedelic experience for Psychic Relief’s second release.

In 2Lanes' word, "A record about vulnerability. Showing yourself to the world. Approaching your first creative ideas with a new perspective and skill. Trusting your instincts & freeing yourself of what holds you back. Time, love, & loss. The raw flame and the live wire. Swirling despair and howling desire. God and the Devil are fighting but when do you wing the sword? Nowadays we let the music speak for itself...."

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